Surviving the Holidays: 5 Tips to Navigating Family Drama

The holidays are upon us and many people find this time of year difficult as family and tradition collide. How can you adhere to your standard when faced with challenging political views, past drama swept under the rug, and for some even coming face-to-face with childhood trauma? Here are five quick tips to surviving theContinue reading “Surviving the Holidays: 5 Tips to Navigating Family Drama”

I Let My Daughter See Me Have a Meltdown and It Was The Best Thing For Her

It was a sunny, beautiful day so the kids (3 plus one in-vitro) and I checked out the La Jolla tidepools. We then followed it up with a trip to Birch Aquarium. We had the best time! At one point I was enjoying just being in the moment so much I forgot to snap picturesContinue reading “I Let My Daughter See Me Have a Meltdown and It Was The Best Thing For Her”

Self-Awareness Starts in The Mind

Have you heard the quote from Henry Ford “Wither you think you can or you can’t your right”? The power behind the quote lies in the notion that your thoughts determine your trajectory. Our emotions have the ability and tendency to highjack our thoughts. Let me prove it. Think about a day where you wokeContinue reading “Self-Awareness Starts in The Mind”

Four Life-Changing Questions

We all have days where we’re in a bad mood and just can’t shake the frustration, anxiety, or disappointment and yet we don’t know what’s causing it. These four questions can help you take control of your emotions, re-focus on the task ahead and take charge of your day. 1. How do I feel? It’sContinue reading “Four Life-Changing Questions”