Surviving the Holidays: 5 Tips to Navigating Family Drama

The holidays are upon us and many people find this time of year difficult as family and tradition collide. How can you adhere to your standard when faced with challenging political views, past drama swept under the rug, and for some even coming face-to-face with childhood trauma?

Here are five quick tips to surviving the holidays.

1. You set the tone.

Remember the person with the highest vibration wins. So decide before going into your family event what tone you want to set. You can’t control how everyone else acts but you can influence how people feel when they are in your presence.

2. Everyone has their own baggage.

That anxiety you feel about going to the family event or function, it’s likely that someone else is feeling the same way. When you realize and recognize that everybody has their own issues and not everybody has your standards it allows you to operate from a place of grace. Decide that during the holidays you are going to give people room to make mistakes and forgive them quickly. Be mindful not to make their baggage your baggage.

3. Pause…… Pause….

Not everything requires an immediate answer. Exercise your right to pause. During the pause ask yourself. Do I feel the need to respond? Why do I feel the need to respond? What response aligns with my standards?

4. Operate with the end in mind.

Before you even go to any family event ask yourself what your intention is. Are you desiring to continue family traditions? Do you want to connect with that family member that you only see during the holiday season? Why is it important to you to attend this event? Once you know your intention you have a goal to focus on if or when difficult conversations arise.

5. Eat to feel satisfied not full.

The holidays are marketed as the perfect time to indulge however it’s easy to eat in order to avoid challenging conversations. Food can be a great comfort when trying to navigate family drama. This can lead to overeating which ultimately can make you feel irritable and add to frustrations. By checking in with your body you can make sure you are feeling good and making good choices for you and your body.

I hope these tips help add happiness to your holidays! Comment below which one works best for you!

Need more help? Let’s connect! Send me message and let me help you take control of your emotions and your life!

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