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Corporate Leadership Trainings

Interactive, intentional, trainings empower employees while reinforcing company values and beliefs. LeeAnah James teaches leadership strategies such as Emotional Intelligence; which is like a code of conduct allowing one to understand oneself and how feelings are deeply tied to actions and outcomes.

Terms like self-awareness, self-regulation; sound good but what does that look like? How do you use them? LeeAnah James breaks down the abstract terms into easy tangible actions which can grossly impact a company’s bottom line and a leader’s ability to navigate change. LeeAnah James is a dynamic powerhouse who speaks at conferences, workshops, and training groups on topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication, Establishing Success Systems, and more. Set up a call to speak with our team concerning your leadership needs and let’s develop a training plan.


LeeAnah James in an engaging, dynamic speaker who motivates, encourages and inspires her audience. Emotional intelligence is something that touches our everyday lives whether we realize it or not. It colors the way we communicate, determines the way we respond to adversity and pushes us towards our dreams. The audience is guaranteed to leave motivated, uplifted, and inspired. Check out a few of her past speaking engagements below. Click here to fill out this form and our team will reach out with availability.

How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Cope Through Crisis

Emotional Intelligence For Teens

Together Parenting Conference 2019

Coaching Programs

LeeAnah James is not a life coach, she is an Emotional Intelligence coach. Her services are short term and/or for refreshes as needed. She provide tools, strategy and direction to those looking to live their purpose and use their emotions as an asset. The goal of the coaching is to learn to harness raw emotion and use it as a platform to empathize with and relate to ones world. Accomplishing that goal can lead to feeling freedom of choice over ones own life. LeeAnah loves helping people who are looking to take charge of their emotions and improve their leadership style take charge of their lives.

LeeAnah James offers private and personalized one on one as well as group coaching sessions. These coaching sessions will strengthen and improve your E-IQ in a way that is specific to you. LeeAnah James provides a safe environment that will challenge you in ways that foster learning and growth. Today is the day you take charge of your emotions and your life. To join her coaching program, click here to apply.


Emotional Intelligence Masterclass – Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) is the ability to control one’s emotions and also influence the emotions of others. It can be easy to be swept away by one’s emotions or to bury them until they explode but neither of those things is helpful. This class will teach you how to recognize your emotions and use what you learn about yourself in the process to create successful relationships.

How to Win at Everything – If you want to learn tips and strategies to create success systems, this is the class for you; learn your unique process to achieve results, and learn how to break down that process for duplication. You will learn that and more in this class.


LeeAnah James has authored multiple books on Emotional Intelligence. Her most notable work,  How to Lead with Emotional Intelligence takes an abstract idea and makes it tangible with real life tools and applicable strategies. Her work empowers audiences by giving them manageable steps to take immediately in order to take control of their emotions and ultimately their lives. Purchase your copy today!

How to Lead With Emotional Intelligence

How to Lead Teens With Emotional Intelligence

You can have the life you want! You can live every day fulfilling your purpose! First, you MUST get control of your emotions. ” -LeeAnah James

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