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At every conference, training, class, or event my objective is the same to empower, equip and encourage you to take charge of your emotional health. Studies show that having high emotional intelligence leads to more opportunities, better personal and professional relationships and when utilized by management, higher employee retention.

You can have the life you want! You can live every day fulfilling your purpose! First, you MUST get control of your emotions. Wither you need an overhaul or a tune-up, my classes, books, and resources will help you achieve your goals.



 – LeeAnah –


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LeeAnah James, MBA, is an author, speaker, and emotional health coach. Her book How to Lead with Emotional Intelligence makes an abstract idea tangible with actual tools and strategies. LeeAnah empowers audiences by giving them steps they can take immediately in order to take control of their emotions and ultimately their lives. She offers corporate training, school presentations, and leadership workshops. Her latest book How to Lead Teens with Emotional Intelligence is also available for purchase.