We have all been in a situation where we feel like we are giving all we have to others only to find ourselves without support from those same people. The frustration of feeling undervalued, used and unprotected turns into bitter resentment as we lick our wounds from the trials of life alone. An illusion is incorrectly perceiving our surroundings through our senses.

This is a trap. I used to believe reciprocity was my due. I would mentally keep score of what I gave out and received in return. Until I realized that reciprocity is not dependent on one source. I get what I put out. There is a return on my spiritual, emotional, financial and physical investments. If I haven’t yet seen them they are on their way.


When I grasped the concept that generosity tied to reciprocity is good soil for joy. I started to see it everywhere. I would do something for someone with no expectation and see a similar gesture done for me. I would go out of my way to bless others only to be called for a speaking engagement or training due to a referral. Every interaction is a gift one I am either giving or receiving and I am grateful.

I know this sounds extremely optimistic but I challenge you to try it for a week.  Make generosity a principal in your life then sit back and experience real joy. Leave your plan and/or the results in comments below.


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