Interactive, intentional, training empowers employees while reinforcing company values and beliefs. LeeAnah James teaches leadership strategies such as Emotional Intelligence; which is like a code of conduct allowing one to understand oneself and how feelings are deeply tied to actions and outcomes.

Terms like self-awareness, and self-regulation; sound good but what does that look like? How do you use them? LeeAnah James breaks down the abstract terms into easy tangible actions which can grossly impact a company’s bottom line and a leader’s ability to navigate change. LeeAnah James is a dynamic powerhouse who speaks at conferences, workshops, and training groups on topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication, Establishing Success Systems, and more. 

Keynote Speaking

If you are looking for a dynamic Emotional Intelligence speaker for your event LeeAnah covers topics such as: Creating Success Systems, Mental Health for Moms, Creating Success Systems, Intentional Leadership, and more. Keynotes are 60 min or more.


These hands-on workshops focus on Emotional Intelligence Leadership strategies. If your company is facing a big change such as a system change, a recent merger, or an acquisition these workshops introduce and/or reinforce values you want to see company-wide.

LeeAnah is absolutely captivating. Her passion permeates the room. She has been a blessing to me on this entrepreneur journey. She entered my life at the right time. Tap in, lean in and don’t miss what she has to offer!!!

Angel Stephens

I was lucky to have Leeanah James as business coach during a period of time where I needed to change my leadership style. I learned a lot from her on dealing with leadership challenges, delegating responsibilities, seeking help, building a high-performing team, and providing a vision to guide and unify the team. Once Leeanah James helped me identify leadership areas to work on, she was selfless in pouring into me to making sure those new habits stuck. I attribute a lot of my success in navigating a difficult period in my career to Ms James.

— Kimberly Horton-McMoris

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